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Big Stone Lake AIM - Team Picht

Posted On May 24th, 2016

Category : Minnesota Fishing , Tournament Coverage

Big Stone Lake AIM tourney is in the books and we are totally pumped with our 6th place finish. We have a little history with this lake and I (Brenda) had vowed I would never go back!

Things change and plans change however when you are fishing a tournament series, you make a decision to not let the lake beat you again.

 Our pre-fish was okay, we caught a lot of small walleyes, but nothing to win a tournament with and we did not have a game plan as of Saturday night.

Sunday morning sitting on the water waiting for take-off, Stephen says “So, what do you think?”. I  said you know we have not fished our favorite go to spot early in the morning yet, it’s pretty calm, lets head north.  North we went, destination made.
We dropped our lines in. We were running #5 Berkley Flicker Shads, Black Magic and Green Ghost. First pass and BAM a 20” walleye! I will say this, my knees went weak! YES!!!!!!!  Steve asked how far back behind the Off Shore Tackle Planer boards I was setting them, I said 63 feet. Now there was no scientific reason for this, but it just felt right. It was, because the next 9 fish came at that setting as well. Notice I said 9, yes we lost a really nice kicker walleye when the hook broke. It was our fault, we had some issues and did what we should not have done and fixed a hook instead of changing out the crank bait. The wind picked up and the lake became angry, turning on the green slime. We picked up and headed back to the basin to troll out the last ½ hour of the day.
We are so thankful for the awesome ride of our Lund 208GL and AirWave Pedestals as it really wasn’t too bad of a ride.
We are still feeling a little rush of euphoria with the fact that we finally beat the lake, or at the least got even!

Good Luck Fishing!
 Brenda and Stephen Picht
 NPAA #513 & #514


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