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Minnesota Walleye Opener

Posted On May 13th, 2016

Category : Minnesota Fishing

The wait is over.  The time is finally here.  Minnesota home of 10,000 Lakes is going to let the bazillion Minnesota Fisher people and the resorts and bait shops and the like enjoy the great outdoors.  Being from South Dakota it has always somewhat baffled me as to why they would close the fishing season.  With 10,000 Lakes and one of the greatest per capita states for boat owners in America.  Who Knows?  Explain away if you actually do know or even if you don’t.  One thing is for sure, that does explain why I’m not DNR material. 

South Dakota appreciates the fact that they close the season.  All the shiny boats trail their way from Minnesota to South Dakota, and it is a steady stream of them.  Everyone that makes a living from selling a minnow, fuel, rooms to a cold beer or potato chips feels the same way.  So thank you DNR of Minnesota.

So now that the infamous weekend is here many of you will be out and about at your local favorite fishing hole with your loved ones enjoying the scenic beauty of the Lake and landing your favorite species of fish.  Many a conversation will be held about the long winter months and the plans for the new year. 

Enjoy your time with your family’s. Hope old man weather can cooperate and let everyone enjoy.

Have a safe fun adventurous weekend & Good Luck Fishing!!!                                                                                    

We are having a little contest for the Minnesota Opener.  Send us your photo’s on Facebook, like our page and you will be entered to win a fancy Good Luck Fishing T-Shirt.  And one lucky person will get $50 as well.  If we get enough entries, we will give away a few.  Enjoy!!!


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