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Posted On February 25th, 2017

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Posted On April 25th, 2016

Lists, schedules, packing lunches, picking up kids, cleaning, washing, teaching.  This could go on and on with the things that a mother, wife, woman does everyday.  The weekend comes and she watches as her husband packs up the boat and h..

Posted On April 6th, 2016

The South Dakota spawn is really heating up with big fish like these snapping in the dark. Night fishing is always your best chance to hook into a whopper like this during the spawn. Slow trolling is typically your best bet. ‪#‎Sou..

Posted On April 5th, 2016

After looking at the picture and reflecting on the current and past tournament decisions. I can proudly say I have the best tournament partner a guy can ask for. We are more on the same page with one another than ever before. We work like a well o..

Good Luck Fishing is home of any person that enjoys the great outdoors with a fishing rod in hand.  Our door is open for you to tell your fishing story and share your video's or photo's of family time on your favorite lake, stream or river.  Tournament fishing is a fun pastime of mine that when I have time I like to participate and share my experience wether it be good or bad.  Hopefully you will enjoy my stories and your time on the water.