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Welcome to Good Luck Fishing.  Every week we will hold a contest for the best blog.  Or the selected blog, each individual selected will receive there choice of a Good Luck Fishing hoodie.  All you need to do is click the participate, submit your information and your in.  Good Luck.



Devils Lake Gold


Brenda Picht

Big Stone Lake AIM - Team Picht

Big Stone Lake AIM tourney is in the books and we are totally pumped with our 6th place finish. We have a little history with this lake and I (Brenda) had vowed I would never go back! Things change and plans change however when you are fishing a tournament series, you make a decision to not let the lake beat you again.  Our pre-fish was okay, we caught a lot of small walleyes, but nothing to win a tournament with and we did ..

Minnesota Walleye Opener

The wait is over.  The time is finally here.  Minnesota home of 10,000 Lakes is going to let the bazillion Minnesota Fisher people and the resorts and bait shops and the like enjoy the great outdoors.  Being from South Dakota it has always somewhat baffled me as to why they would close the fishing season.  With 10,000 Lakes and one of the greatest per capita states for boat owners in America.  Who Knows? ..

Mothers Day - Minnesota Opener

Mothers Day or Fishing Opener. A shout out to all the husbands who are trying to figure out how to spend time on Mothers Day with their wife and/or mother and still be able to go fishing. Here is a great idea, take them fishing for the day. Typically in Minnesota our Walleye opener and Mothers Day are on the same weekend. This throws most guys into a tail spin trying to figure out how to be two places at once. Try something different th..


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